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Housing Stabilization Services


Housing Stabilization Services (HSS) is a one year program through the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Medical Assistance benefit which provides housing navigation and eviction prevention services.  HSS provides housing support through the entire process: to secure housing, to establish long term stability, and prevent eviction.

Housing Stability Services
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As of March 1, 2024, we are no longer accepting online applications.

Housing Navigation

  • Help families and single adults understand the process of finding and moving into housing

  • Help households apply for benefits to afford their housing, including helping the person determine which benefits they may be eligible for

  • Assist the person with the housing search and application process, calling landlords, viewing housing options and completing housing applications

  • Assist the person with tenant screening and housing assessments

  • Help the person understand and negotiate a lease

  • Help the person organize their move, arrange for movers, contact utility companies, post office, register children at local schools

Eviction Prevention Services

We offer a variety of resources and services to ensure eviction prevention and to help families end the cycle of housing instability.

  • Transportation with the person receiving services to meet with landlord and access resources

  • Coach the client to develop and maintain key relationships with property managers and neighbors

  • Advocate with community resources to prevent eviction when housing is at risk and maintain person’s safety

  • Assistance with the housing recertification processes

  • Train and support the client to be a good tenant, including understanding lease compliance, and household management

  • Educate and train clients on roles, rights, and responsibilities of the tenant and property manager

HSS Staff and families will develop strategies that foster long-term housing stability such as:
  • Tenant and property management relationships

  • Providing resources

  • Establishing partnerships with tenants and landlords


To help maintain retention, HSS facilitators provide families with additional resources and social services to gain funding, apply for benefits, and transportation.

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